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Father John Mehers was born in Leigh, England on 17 February 1934. He joined the Salesian Society in 1953, after attending a Salesian School in Bolton. After a successful academic career in England and Italy, he dedicated his life to working in schools, offices and churches for just short of fifty years.

A man of keen mind and equally keen wit, he summed up the oddities of passing life with memorable quotes. In the classrooms of South Africa, in the mountains of Lesotho, in the fervent, simple mission churches of Swaziland, John brought his intellectual brilliance to meet the spiritual and intellectual needs of all. His clarity about life stayed with him to the end. May he rest in the peace of his ancestors.



Fr John's Prayer for our Swazi youth

  • that they may enjoy the total love and affection of their parents;
  • that they may love and cherish the soul of their country, its history, its people, its just effort to bring happiness to all of its people;
  • that they may find within their Swazi community a justice and peace which will encourage their growth to maturity;
  • that they may be freed from unjust social poverty;
  • that they may respect each other as young people in a truly traditional manner;
  • that they may discover the sacredness of their bodies and the sanctity of their hearts;
  • that they may find the true Swazi face of Christ in their relationships, their loves and their longings;
  • that the empty spaces in their hearts may be filled with an active presence which is both Swazi and Christian;
  • that they may discover the God who dwelt with the Swazi people before the Bible was preached to them;
  • that their innocence may be protected from the violent abuse of adult power.